About WWII Interviews

About Denise Frisino

At a very early age Denise Frisino stepped on stage and found her footing in the entertainment world. A Seattle native, she is an award-winning writer, actress, director, and teacher. The Orchids Trilogy has taken over a decade to research and that is what lead her to collect these interviews. She uses these remarkable testimonials to develop her characters and enhance their actions over the course of WWII.

The Veterans

It has been an unmeasurable honor to spend time with so many of the Greatest Generation as they shared their experiences of World War II with me.
I would insist we were alone for these interviews, as not everyone could speak the truth of what they lived through with family members listening. Their tragedy, fighting, injuries during this global war left a mark never erased by time. Nightmares often accompanied the anticipation or aftermath of discussing their ordeals with me.
Yet, if I complimented their bravery, their answer always reflected unwavering humbleness.
“We were just doing our job.”
It is my hope that now, by sharing with you, a bit of them will always live on and their sacrifices will never be forgotten.
War is not the answer. Please, teach Peace.

The Interviews

Second Lieutenant Joseph Frisino, US Army, Signal Corps, first stationed in Alaska for the building of the Alcan Highway then shipped over the ‘Hump’ to the jungles of Burma.
Dad said he was just about to be discharged when Pearl Harbor happened, so he did, “Four years of overtime.”
He spent over 35 years at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Hearst Corporation) as day news editor, art editor and columnist.
In the 1970’s, I took Dad along with me on my very first interview for my premier novel, Whiskey Cove, and he never uttered one word. Luckily, he did encourage me with a few pointers as we drove home. We had no idea how that day spent together would come into play later in my career.
I never got a chance for a formal interview with Dad about his wartime experiences. Enormous regret.
So, I tracked down as many of his fellow soldiers from every branch, every rank of the military I could find, from Seabee’s to Marines, Coastguard to M.P.’s, nurses on the battlefield to those who provided support from the home front.
In fact, I’m still searching. I only wish I had more time.

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